How cell phones affect relationships

Jordan Patton, Staff Writer

When you look around what do you see? You see most people on their phones. Cell phones are the main interactions of people’s everyday life.

Cell phones affect many things in people’s lives, but one main thing it affects is relationships. When you talk to your girl friends or guy friends about a problem, they always seem to start off the sentence with, “She / He texted me..” “I remember when my boyfriend and I got in our first fight and it was all over text. And every time I would try to talk to him about it in person he would just change the subject,” said junior Kayla Lucero. A lot of people seem to complain about problems like this. I mean you have to ask yourself, does fighting over the phone really make a point?

Fighting over the phone gets you nowhere. At first it might seem to help because then you feel like you don’t have to be mean to the person in person. If you really think about it though, you can’t really make your point through a phone. The phone shows no emotion, there for the person won’t actually understand how you feel. If the person doesn’t understand how you feel then the same problem is going to keep happening. “I have a certain friend that likes to say how he feels or what he thinks about you over the phone and it drives me crazy,” said senior Nicole Wanders. Some people use their phones as an excuse to express their problems with people instead of talking it out face to face.

The point is cell phones do affect all kinds of relationships. Using your phone to express any types of feelings won’t fix anything. It only makes everything even more confusing in the end.