Why get involved?

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

            This past week having been Homecoming week many school related events occurred such as skit night and powder puff.  Senior Imran Ahmed said, “Truth is I thought this Homecoming king thing was a big joke, but now I’m starting to realize that people legitimately want me to be king and I’m really humbled by it.  Doing these homecoming activities has made me enjoy school and look forward to going to college knowing that now my classmates will know me as something other than a future neurosurgeon.”  The week’s events are things that anyone can be involved in; you don’t have to be a good actor or talented athlete to partake. 

                Many guys chose not to do powder puff cheerleading because they were afraid of what people might think of them for doing it.  This whole week was about having fun and joking around, so if someone is going to judge you for partaking in it they’re probably not a true friend anyway.

           Getting involved in high school by doing events and extracurricular activities like these can change your entire high school experience.  Sophomore John Georges said, “My favorite part of Homecoming week was being out there on the field cheerleading with my boys to win sophomore’s second place during powder puff.”

            “If you want to meet new people then taking part in homecoming week is the place to do it,” said junior Matty Fox who participated in skit, powder puff cheerleading, and tug-o-war.  The point is what you decide to partake in is completely up to you but remember, the more you do now the more memories you will have to look back on for the rest of your life