Next Big Thing

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

Next Big Thing(NBT) is a concert that was put on by Tampa Bays rock station 97X, on December 5th at the 1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre.  Many bands, including  My Chemical Romance, Against Me, Neon Trees, Chevelle, Switchfoot, and A Day to Remember, performed at the concert.   “This is by far the biggest rock concert of the year,” said junior Steve Buric.

Many people are saying NBT “sold out” to advertisers, and it somewhat seems that way with advertisements all over the website (  They ranged from it being “presented by Miller Lite” to it being at the “1-800-Ask-Gary Amphitheatre” to the “Floridacentral Credit Union lawn at NBT.”  But fans had nothing to fear; the one thing that has stayed the same is that some of the best bands around came and all of these extra advertisements actually provided what for a much more exciting event for all those in attendance.    This year’s show was different from years past in that this year NBT was in “3D.”  Organizers brought the show closer to the fans by having spontaneous performances occur throughout the venue.  “I saw two of the spontaneous performances; one was by Switchfoot and the other was by Sick Puppies, but they both played two different times.  It was really neat to get to see them perform so close,” said junior Tyler Carbonelli.

Senior Bobby O’Keefe, said “I’ve been to NBT a few times before and I’ve always had a great time but I think this year’s lineup is pretty sick and could be one of the best I’ve seen.” The gates opened at 10 am but many fans were there long before then so that they could get as close as possible to all the stages.