Bryan Lane speed woes

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

Does the road Bryan Lane seem familiar to you? It’s the straightway that many East Lake students use to travel from Lansbrook and back to the school. Driving on a straightaway without curves is a screaming death trap for speeding tickets. Unfortunately, cops have been camping out massively and won’t let anybody off easy. Many of these victims of the dreaded Bryan Lane speeding ticket have suggestions for what you should do to prevent speeding tickets in the future. Keep in mind that the speed limit on this road is only 30 miles per hour.
Last year during the homecoming festivities, cops were camping out on Bryan Lane and ticketed several East Lake High students. Senior Cole Krug was pulled over for going 19 over the speed limit of 30 and was ticketed $256. When asked what people should do to avoid these killer speeding tickets he says “Pretend that you’re comatose so that your speed can resemble your consciousness.” Senior Dylan Mandakis also received a hefty fine of $185 for speeding on Bryan Lane and he recommends that people should keep an eye out for cops because they always seem to camp out on the road. The last of the Bryan Lane victims of the day was Senior Jonell Gregor who is known to be a cautious driver, was caught off guard when a cop clocked her going about 20 over. Fortunately, she was only given a ticket for a moving violation costing about $125 but she recommends that people drive cautiously and carefully because even if you are driving too fast and receive a ticket it’s only a small price to pay for something that could be much more damaging such as an accident which could lead to much more devastating circumstances.
Regardless of the situation, it’s best to be aware of the speed limit and follow all traffic laws and obey the speed limit on Bryan Lane, even though it is a straightaway, many are prone to the effects of driving way above the limit including myself, so the best idea is to learn to become a more defensive driver like many of had learned in Drivers Ed.