Bon voyage senior class

Taylor Rowland, Staff Writer

This year’s Senior Breakfast took place on Wednesday April 6, 2011. It was held at the Grand Stirling ballroom at Innisbrook. Seniors walked into the elegant ballroom and saw the “sail into the new horizons” theme. The centerpieces of the tables were handcrafted boats and there were two large boats made of wood with senior class 2011 painted on the side. While these decorations are nice it is the friends and classmates all together in one room that makes this event so special.

The seniors arrived hungry so the event started out with eating the buffet breakfast complete with eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit. There was a mad dash to be the front of the line. Next came the announcements of the senior superlatives. Most were shocked and some knew who the clear winners would be.

Most changed since freshmen year: Mike Kelly and Kirsten Coe

Most outgoing: Elliot Grasso and Lauren West

Best Hair: Jakhari Hicks and Julia Fox

Most Infectious Laugh: Tyler Airey and Taylor Rowland

Best Shoulder to cry on: Stephen Finnochiaro and Lauran Eschenroeder

Most likely to invent the next Facebook: Gavin O’Leary and Jonell Gregor

Most likely to be the next president: Eric Gajentan and Rachel Kay

Most likely to brighten someone’s day: Imran Ahmed and Ines Yasback

Most likely to shock everyone at high school graduation: Matt Sherlip and Kendal Fordham

Most likely to be on a reality TV show:  Chris Marelli and Kelli McKenna

Most likely to save the world: Travis Altman and Bailey Monarch

Best Friends forever: Austin Schnell and Cole Krug and Britney Reilly and Alison Hassell

Mr. and Miss Congeniality: Dylan Gouletas and Sabrina Mone

Cutest Couple: Noah Witte and Nicole Aleman

Most likely to forget about graduation: John Siebels and Holly Heldt

Most Talkative: Mike Sloat and Jillian Ferro

Most likely to be on the cover of a magazine: Kyle Nelson and Andrea Yurko

The event wouldn’t be complete with an announcement about graduation from principal Poth and Mrs. Haley. Then the highly anticipated hypnotist took the stage. Most seniors raised their hands to volunteer to be hypnotized but only a lucky 20 were chosen to take the stage. The room filled with applause and laughter and was a great time for all.

Last but not least came the senior slideshow done by Brittany Hammer. Seniors sent pictures throughout the years to her so she could include them in the slide show. It was a great way to end the event. Kimmy Gooch said, “I loved the slideshow and seeing pictures from freshmen year.”

Senior breakfast is a great time for all the seniors to come together and have a great time and reminisce on all 4 years at East Lake High School.