The stress of prom

Imran Ahmed, Web Editor

Many of our upperclassmen have begun to stress about one of the most busy times of the year, the elegant prom. This year’s prom is at the Kapok Pavillion in Clearwater as it has been in past years and it seems like it could be a memorable one with an Italian theme. However many may question, why do people tend to stress so much about prom? I myself am in that boat of people that is stressing about prom night and what I’m going to do and to this today, I’m having my doubts about whether I should go to prom because of the difficulty of finding that date and/or making things work out perfectly because there’s always a way a plan can break down.
Although, prom is one of the most important events for a high school student it seems like there is an overabundance of stress over something that isn’t monumentally important to our lives and it’s hitting me harder that I had anticipated it too. Senior Lauran Eschenroeder says “People also tend to stress a lot about prom because they want to pick out a dress and look great for the night”. That’s another heavy contributer to the stress of prom, the feeling of wanting to look good, and regardless of one deciding to invent a lot of money in a dress or not, everyone is bound to look great for prom. I feel that regardless of how people look or who they are going with we’re bound to have a great time, because of the fact that you are with your friends and it’s all about the date or what not and even though I have had my doubts about not wanting to go to prom, I feel like that it is one of those essential events that you must take part in to consider your journey through high school, complete.
Despite all the stress and over-hype it may bring, I feel like if one decides not take part in prom, especially if you’re a senior, it might be something you regret for years to come.