Senior pranks

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer


Senior pranks are widely practiced throughout the country; some funny, some mischievous, and some criminal.  East Lake doesn’t have any long standing traditions of committing senior pranks; though last year’s graduating seniors constructed a Slip-n-Slide on the hill by the student parking lot on the last day of school.

                This year ELHS’s graduating seniors are yet to pull a senior prank, but not all the Senior classes in the bay area are so late to take action.  Twenty Plant High School seniors were caught saran wrapping the entrances to the school shut around midnight on Monday, May 23rd.  They were caught by a swarm of 12 officers and a police helicopter after a report of people on school campus at night.  No charges were filed and the students will be allowed to walk at graduation, the students were only made to clean up their doings and call their parents. Though these particular students didn’t suffer any serious consequences, they certainly wouldn’t have been the first if they had been expelled, arrested, or not allowed to walk at graduation.

                Not all senior pranks have been harmless fun; some have caused considerable damage to school and student property.  Many students are hesitant to commit a senior prank in fear of the consequences but such extreme consequences truly are an exception.  If a senior prank doesn’t disrupt school or cause damage to any property, those who commit it should have nothing to fear.  This leaves the question: will the ELHS class of 2011 pull a senior prank?  Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.