The end of the ’80s?

Jimmy Skaaland, Staff Writer

Every year Decades Day has been the theme of one of homecoming week’s dress up days, and the 1980’s has always been a privilege for the seniors.  In the past it has consisted of stretching, boom boxes, whistle blowing, jogging, more stretching, and all around shenanigans.  In the past, administrators and frowned upon some of it but mostly ignored since it is only one day a year.  Last year was different, however, not in the behavior of the students but in the perception of what was being done.  The disruptions of this day that had been put up with for years had suddenly become viewed as inappropriate, dangerous, provocative, and unacceptable.

                “I remember my freshman year groups of seniors would go around the school and go into classrooms blaring music and start dancing and stretching for several minutes before piling out and heading to the next classroom.  I thought it was hilarious and couldn’t wait for my turn to do it,” said senior Rachel Reed.  Such interruptions were undoubtedly distracting, and due to the complaints of teachers had to be dealt with.  This understandably lead to administrators taking the batteries out of boom boxes used by students who were barging into classrooms, but between classes and at lunch it seemed that there was a “no harm no foul” policy. 

                The student government was given an ultimatum for this year’s homecoming week, either Decades Day be on Wednesday, or no Decades Day.  This was done in an effort to prevent less 80’s chaos than usually occurred during lunch of this spirit day in past homecoming weeks.  Unfortunately, it seems highly unlikely that they will be given this choice again when planning next year’s dress up days for spirit week .  The general consensus is that due to the distractions and disobedience of this year’s 80’s day it will sadly be the last, though if everyone happened to wear 80’s clothing on the same day not much could be done about it.