Did you screen shot that?


Perhaps Danny Havican did not realize that a screenshot could make this photo immortal.

Parker Fox, Editor-in-Chief

Social media has revolutionized the way that people communicate and network over the past ten years, particularly among younger people.  Teenagers practically live their lives on cell phones and computers, always joining the latest fad.  First it was Myspace, then Facebook, Twitter, and who knows what will be next.  But lately these types of social networking sites have taken the back seat to a new application, Snapchat.  With Snapchat, users can send pictures or videos to friends.  That doesn’t sound like anything innovative, considering one can do that with a regular cell phone without an application.  The difference is that, with Snapchat, there is a maximum timer of ten seconds to view the picture or video, and then it disappears “forever.”  Users set the timer as they send the message out, anywhere from one to ten seconds long. 

            With Snapchat, people don’t have to worry about photos or videos being saved or shared which allows more “free expression.”  Some send ridiculous music videos.  Others make deep confessions to friends.  For the most part, Snapchat it designed for amusingly ridiculous photos and videos, although it can be used to have a serious conversation.

            To the dismay of many, people have realized that it is still very possible to take a screen shot with a smart phone of incoming images.  So before you send such an absurdly idiotic picture to someone, think twice.  Or simply adjust the timer to one second knowing that the recipient will not be quick enough.  Luckily there is still no way to capture received videos and share them with others.  It can be challenging to capture the image quickly enough before it disappears.  But the bottom line is that the videos and pictures don’t truly disappear into a black hole.  Anything that you send or search with Google, Apple, etc. is stored somewhere forever.  That means that, if they wanted, these companies would be capable of releasing these videos and pictures.  I’m not sure why Google would choose to release someone’s search history, but they could.  For this reason it is best to be careful whenever operating on the Internet, especially with an application like Snapchat.