Slowest week of the school year

The week that precedes a long awaited break always seems to last for an eternity for both students and teachers


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The mouthwatering food that accompanies Thanksgiving Break is only one of many reasons for students and teachers to anticipate this long awaited break.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

As Thanksgiving break approaches, the anticipation of the relaxation that awaits students and teachers is almost too much to handle. For students, a week off of school means that there is no need to worry about any school work, no need to wake up early, and no need to use a planner any more. For teachers, a week off of school means that they don’t have to deal with difficult students and spend hours lecturing the same material seven periods in a row.

The Monday before break seems to be the longest Monday of the entire school year. As if Mondays aren’t bad enough, this Monday is just particularly long and terrible for some reason. It is probably because everyone knows that in a week they would be sleeping instead of sitting in uncomfortable desks trying to understand calculus at seven in the morning. It is when they find out that they have several tests this week because, for some reason, teachers think it is a brilliant idea to shove a bunch of information into your brain this week- only for you to forget by the time you come back. By Wednesday, everyone is ready for the week to be over. Students and teachers have almost gotten to the point of mentally breaking down. But, they know that they only have a couple more days left in prison before being let free so they are able to push through until Friday.

Since it is the week before break, everyone seems more tired than usual, only because they would rather be sleeping in, eating food all day, and hanging out with their friends. The Friday before break is obviously the best day of the week. It is the day that students and teachers stop caring. Usually, teachers don’t like to delegate tests for this day because like the students, they are exhausted from this week-long waiting period. But, there are always those teachers that either decides to make their students take a test that Friday or assign a huge project over the break. Project: the word that students pray not to hear the Friday before break because it will ruin their entire plan of not having to worry about school. Hopefully, students are lucky enough not to have homework over their break and they can end this Friday on a positive note. After being in school since August 10th, leaving school will provide the long awaited relief and relaxation that students and teachers deserve.