Graduation is quickly approaching!


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Seniors all over the country cannot wait for the moment that they finally graduate high school, which is quickly approaching.

Cristina Himelhoch, Staff Writer

For seniors, graduation is a little more than three months away. Although that could seem like a long time for some people, I know that that time is going to fly by extremely quickly. This year has already progressed so quickly that I can’t believe how soon the end of the year is. The length of each year throughout high school has seemed to dramatically diminish as the years go on. I remember freshman year being the slowest, toughest year ever because everyone had to adapt to the dramatic change from middle school to high school. By sophomore year, classes began to get harder, but the year was definitely easier and therefore faster than freshman year. Junior year was the busiest year of all, making it fly by because of all the time spent studying for AP exams, and joining honor societies. By senior year, it seems like your whole life has moved on so quickly and you haven’t had time to catch up. This year the classes are still difficult and there is added stress of applying to colleges and waiting to hear on acceptances.

This time of year is the busiest time of year for most students which makes the time seems to fly by. For me, days are always slower when I don’t have as many tasks to complete. On the other hand, when I have a million and one things to do, the hours couldn’t seem shorter. It always seems like I don’t have enough time to complete everything that I wanted to for the day. This describes how senior year has felt. Between running honor societies, studying for AP classes, completing volunteer work, and applying for colleges, the year has already seemed to fly by. Senior Hannah Edmonds also agrees with the fact that senior year is going by extremely fast. She states that “I was looking forward to finally leaving high school but this year went by so fast and I just want it to slow down. I don’t want to leave everyone quite yet because we are all going down different roads and I’m not ready to let them go.” The next thing we know, graduation is going to be right around the corner. Senior Miranda Sullivan also comments that “it’s going by faster than Eminem raps ‘Rap God.’” Graduation is an extremely exciting thing that every senior cannot wait to attend. It will give us all an extremely large sense of accomplishment and remind us of the endless possibilities that our futures can hold.