The tragedy of Presidents Day


Photo provided by Sandy Hutchins

This photo does not even come close to truly capturing the horrors of gravity. (2016 Colorized)

Sandy Hutchins, Staff Writer

It started out as any normal relaxation day would start out. Who knew the sadness it would bring and the pain it would cause? The day began with an unusually early wakeup as that day I had vowed to be productive. On my to-do list was exercise, chores, and of course the homework that I should have started days before. The morning went very well with me getting through the first on my list with a good energizing run around the neighborhood. Now of course I quickly lost this energy. I had resolved to eat lunch and then read the needed 170 pages of my assigned book for AP literature, Catch-22, and after lunch I had started off strong, I cracked out 60 pages in a small amount of time, but then the coma hit. The food coma. As it so often does in 6th period at school, the food coma immediately makes me tired and unable to process even the simplest of tasks. This did not bode well for the rest of my day. So, being the responsible and proactive person I am, I slept. What had I intended to be a 20 minute power nap quickly evolved into a 2 hour slumber until I was awoken by my mother much later. And this was still the good part of the day, she asked me to put some Christmas boxes (yes, they still aren’t all packed) up in the attic. And, being the good son I am I groggily agreed, but little did I know this was the beginning of the end. When climbing the ladder up into the attic, something fell and cracked against the concrete floor, and immediately I had known it was all over. My phone lie there facedown betrayed by my pockets and gravity as a solemn reminder that I had neglected to return my phone to its case after my morning run. This I knew was it. The little hope I had for a miracle was dashed when I picked up the broken device. The top left corner was shattered, annihilated, and obliterated, my only solace was found in the fact that it still worked. Later that night, I resigned to getting ready for Tuesday and actually doing all of my physics homework. However, as of late I have discovered that Presidents Day was even more of a waste and loss as I realized that I had spent over two hours doing the wrong set of questions, and it was all for naught. Thus, Presidents Day will always live in infamy.