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How to survive Saturday’s homecoming dance and actually have fun

Clearly my group wasn’t very good at taking hoco pictures last year!

James Hasell

Clearly my group wasn’t very good at taking hoco pictures last year!

Samantha Roghaar, Ads Manager

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Saturday the 16th marks one of the biggest events of the school year: the homecoming dance! While finding the perfect homecoming dress or deciding on your plans for the evening can be very stressful, homecoming can be a special night that leaves you with great memories. As a senior, this will be my fourth homecoming and I’ve compiled some of my best tips that I’ve learned through the years to make the most of your night.

  1. Choose the right people to go with. The people that you go to homecoming with can really make or break the night because it’s who you will be spending the majority of your evening with. If you want to go with a big group, make sure this group includes people you actually like. If you rather keep things small, go with a date or a few select friends.


  1. Wear an outfit that you genuinely love! Every year, I hear girls talk about how they regretted choosing the dress they did because it was a stereotypical homecoming dress. Personally, I have never gone for a black or white dress because I love to wear bright colors and stand out. I always choose a dress that makes me excited to wear it. For the guys, go for the fun bow tie or a unique tie. Don’t worry about what anyone thinks and just know that you’ll probably end up getting more compliments by wearing something different.


  1. Take hundreds of pictures. Hundreds might seem excessive but how often are you and all your best friends dressed up this nice? You’ll want lots of pictures to capture this time in your life. Take candids, take the traditional posed ones, and take pictures with lots of different people. If you need picture inspiration, a quick search on Pinterest for “homecoming picture poses” will give you great ideas.


  1. Make the most of everything. Throughout the whole day, Saturday, something is bound to go wrong. Whether you’re having a bad hair day or your friends are running late, just stay calm. Enjoy the day because it’ll all go by so fast. Overall, always be grateful that you get to go an amazing school with special events like homecoming and for all the hard work that was put into this year’s dance by students and staff.
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