Second semester thoughts

We’re almost done

How all seniors feel at this point in the school year.

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How all seniors feel at this point in the school year.

Isabel Platis, News Editor

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The majority of seniors at ELHS, with the exception of a few smart kids waiting on Ivy League schools, have probably made our decision on what college we will be attending in the fall. Living in a state that has so many great universities and having the opportunity to earn scholarships from Bright Futures, it’s almost a no brainer to go to an in-state school. Now that most decisions are out for Florida schools and we’ve put months of thought into where we want to go, we can officially sport our college shirts around the hallways. With all that being said, most of the seniors have checked out of high school and checked in to summer.

For the first three years of high school, the second semester was usually the most important and stressful. This year, it’s completely the opposite. For seniors, the first semester is very overwhelming because you’re in the process of applying to colleges and trying to figure out what you want to do and where you want to go all while keeping your grades up. Now that all applications are in and you’ve hopefully gotten some acceptance letters back, you can finally relax and enjoy senior year.

With second semester come lots of fun senior events and activities. There’s Grad Bash, senior breakfast, prom, water wars (not affiliated with ELHS, just a fun after school activity) and of course graduation. Lately, I’ve been more worried about picking out my outfits for all these events rather than doing homework. One of the many good things about going to ELHS and having awesome teachers is that they understand our senioritis. Every teacher I have this year, with the exception of one AP teacher, isn’t strict about due dates and is lenient when it comes to late work. This is helpful for me and all the other seniors out there who’ve lost motivation for school because they’ve already been accepted into college. After almost four years at the same place and knowing that your grades don’t really matter during the second semester, as long as you don’t fail all your classes, it’s hard to stay on top of work. Plus, with a lot of my friends going to school for Summer B this year, I want to hang out with them as much as possible before they leave. I’d spend the weekend with my friends over doing homework any day because those are the memories you’re going to want to keep forever. As a second semester senior, don’t miss out on any opportunities to be with your friends because you’d rather stay at home and study. I’m not saying to wing every test and get zeros on homework assignments, but try to find a balance between hanging out with friends and doing school work. After all, this is the last semester that all of your friends will be together, so don’t take any moment for granted and continue making memories with those people.

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