The betrayal

Water guns for blasting

Water guns for blasting

Luke Weaver, Staff Writer

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I was the one who convinced Alex Nakamura to play lacrosse. I have given him a ride to practice every day. I have trained him to be my replacement goalie. And he betrayed me. On the first day of Water Wars, I could not go to lacrosse practice because I had to go to work and help set up for the big event later that day, so Alex got a ride from Ian Woodward. I knew it was Water Wars, but I never thought Alex would betray his own goalie coach. I should have known better. He texted me about an hour before practice would start, telling me that he left his water jug in my car and that he needed it before practice. I became suspicious after seeing where Ian had parked his car, on the road in front of my house. On closer inspection, I noticed that neither Alex was standing at the trunk of the car, but Ian was nowhere to be found. At this point, I knew something was wrong. My dad had security cameras installed over our garage doors and our front door, but I could not find Ian anywhere. I even checked my backyard! This guy could be anywhere! I go outside, ready for a fight, and it’s silent. Nothing is out of place, only my car on the far side of the driveway. However, Alex is now sprinting away from my house now that he sees that I have a water gun. He keeps looking over his shoulder, trying to see if I am chasing him yet. Right then, Ian jumps out from behind my car and shoots me in the shoulder! Following the rules, we took a picture and he got his 5 points, but I was more surprised that my own pupil had betrayed me! I talked to Alex, and he said he felt bad about helping someone take out his ride to practice and his own teammate, but little did he know that this was not over yet. The next day, Chase and I hatched our own little plan. He only has 5 classes at school, so he went to my house and waited behind the air conditioner to surprise Alex. Revenge was sweet, and the deal was closed.

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