Water Wars insanity

Hayley Forte, Staff Writer

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At the end of senior year most seniors participate in the annual Water Wars. Water Wars is a game similar to manhunt by getting other players out by striking them with water. In order to win, you have to have the most “kills,” and the winning team at the end of the four or five weeks will receive the big bucks. The reward is the jackpot that consists of five dollars from each player. This year the game has over 25 teams with up to five players on each team, which means the jacket pot is well over 600 dollars for the winning team.

“People take it way too far. I feel like I can’t go anywhere without fearing for my life because people tend to take it way to far,” said senior Ariyianna Lebron when asked how she felt about the game. After being chased on my way home from practice on multiple occasions I can firmly say that I feel as though I am on a high speed car chase that you would see in a Fast and Furious movie. Water Wars is a lot more intense than I ever thought it would be, I never thought that I would have to look out my bedroom window every time I left my house in the morning for school hoping that there’s nobody sneaking around trying to get me out.

In conclusion, for any incoming senior, I ten out of ten recommend participating in Water Wars when it’s your time. The most important thing is to have fun and drive safely when chasing one another. The second most important thing is don’t take it too seriously and don’t get frustrated when your best friend gets you out because jailbreak is every Friday which means it’s your time to seek revenge.

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