Pitiful posture


The most pitiful, painful, and pesky problem students face.

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

Look inside a classroom and all you see is about 30 bananas sitting at the desks. At least, that’s what can be said when it comes to students’ posture: students slumped over with curved backs and a hand under their chin to hold their head up. Yet, why should this matter? After all, sitting up straight is the last thing a resident of East Lake has time to think of. Though it may not seem important now, in 50 years, when one’s hair has turned silvery grey or ancient white and age has turned them wrinkly, a majority of students will be accurate representations of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The fact that students don’t take in their posture is a major issue prominent through our generation.

Many students have grandparents that most likely were told to always have great posture and even our parents were more likely to be told; however, the importance of this advice has been lost to our generation. Now, majority of students don’t even donate a thought to how straight they are sitting or standing. Technology likely has been one of the biggest causes of the change in posture. So often students are found to be staring down at their electronics, creating “text neck.” The dependency on technology only aids in a bent back and neck. This pitiful posture issue may not show effects now, but it will be shown with age. If a student doesn’t begin standing and sitting up straight, they are more likely to have a hunched back when elderly. Furthermore, many students may suffer from lower back pain from the poor posture or even risk worsening back conditions, such as scoliosis. The power of posture is grand in the scheme of things and is something to consider.

It is extremely difficult to change a bad habit that has been instilled in students. However, it is much more important to ensure that students sit up straight, shoulders back, and hold their neck up because it will pay off in the long run. One could say, at least for this situation, it is better to struggle now and be happy later, than relax now and suffer in time.