J. Lo’s class reigns supreme

Mr. Loftus is an East Lake legend.

Mr. Loftus is an East Lake legend.

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

I will personally never forget the one-of-a-kind experiences from AP Calc AB last year. From the “parties of the century” to watching Mean Girls and Freaky Friday on repeat, there really is no other class at East Lake similar to Mr. Loftus’s AP Calculus class. Due to this, I firmly believe that this class could be the one of, if not the, best class in all of East Lake.

In reality, this class can actually be very difficult at times and may require some time studying for a test, but Mr. Loftus will prepare you very well, and there is a practice test given and gone over before every test. If your goal is simply to pass the exam, you will surely do that as nearly 90% of students passed last year, and Mr. Loftus has a history of high pass rates. He specifically designs his class for the AP exam, so in the end you will be prepared for the exam whether or not you understand calculus at all.

If you did not already know, Mr. Loftus is one of the most popular teachers at East Lake, and he is the main reason why the class is so memorable. His vocabulary will amaze just about anyone, with phrases such as “like a locomotive through butter” and “gird your loins.”

He also does not give almost any out of school homework, as long as you get done with the homework in class, which can be done very easily. I do not recommend spending all class on your phone not paying any attention because the class will get significantly harder (I speak from experience), but if you are lucky you may still do well. You will never know what is going to happen in AP Calc and all around it was one of the most iconic classes I’ve ever been in.

As a whole, I recommend everyone try to take AP Calc AB with the greatest teacher, John Loftus (nothing against all other teachers), as you will undoubtedly love the class and never forget it. If rated out of ten, I would easily give this class a perfect score because there are simply no bad qualities of the class. It may be hard at times, but that is normally your own fault for not paying attention, and it should still be very manageable. If I had to give everyone who may take the class in the future one piece of advice, it would be to follow Mr. Loftus’s one rule: no flying objects. I again speak from experience, so unless you want to see the darkest side of Mr. Loftus, do not throw a chemistry textbook, or anything, across the classroom. It is just not smart.