What is East Lake’s favorite eagle?


The bald eagle won handily.

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

Eagle one is the Bald Eagle, picked by many students. (wikipedia.org)

Eagle two is the Harpy Eagle, not as regal as the Bald Eagle but still an apex predator. (flickr.com)

Eagle three is the Golden Eagle, sometimes found in Florida but more native to mountains. (http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov)

Eagle four is the White-Bellied Sea Eagle, it looks different than the others due to it spending its time on islands rather than mainland. (hbw.com)



I’ve always enjoyed animals and due to the eagle being East Lake’s mascot, I thought it would be interesting to see which type of eagle the student body likes best.  Choosing from a variety of eagles gave the students the option to choose an eagle other than the well-known Bald Eagle.  Also, I wanted to see if the students based their decisions on the look of the eagle or how well known the eagle is.

The listings of the eagles to those who voted were: The Bald Eagle as number one, the Harpy Eagle as number 2, the Golden Eagle as number 3, and the White-Bellied Sea Eagle as number 4.  I chose the Bald Eagle because it is a very common eagle, the Harpy Eagle because it is one that I have seen in sanctuaries before, the Golden Eagle because I have seen it when I traveled to the Appalachian Mountains, and the White-Bellied Sea Eagle because it was just a different looking eagle than the ones I had already picked.  I was interested if the different look of the sea eagle would interest people, but they mainly referred to it as a seagull because it looks vaguely like a seagull.

After taking a survey of 108 people at East Lake High School, it was decided that the Bald Eagle is in fact their favorite eagle, with a whopping 63 percent of students surveyed choosing the Bald Eagle.  Following far behind are the other three.  One eagle that got more votes than I expected was the White-Bellied Sea Eagle with fifteen percent.  The white and gray eagle, the Harpy Eagle , followed third at twelve percent.  Finally, in last place was the Golden Eagle with eleven percent.  The Golden Eagle having so little support surprised me because I had assumed it as the second most known eagle.

Senior Andrew Fisher, picked the White-Bellied Sea Eagle because “it’s like a Wraith that you get one summer to impress your friends” while the Bald Eagle was “like the old reliable Ferrari.”  Andrew saw the Sea Eagle as different and exciting just like a Wraith would be and the Bald Eagle as a timely classic that isn’t as bold as its counterpart.

Many students picked the Bald Eagle because it was either the only eagle they knew or because they were all for America.  Senior Wyatt Harris, said, “If you don’t pick the Bald Eagle, then you’re not American.”  While this was said jokingly, it did entice a surprising amount of people to vote for it.  This shows that many East Lake students are very patriotic.

It is interesting to see the results of this survey because it shows that the students will pick something that they know instead of an animal they are unfamiliar with.  Thinking back on it, putting the Bald Eagle as an option was a mistake from the beginning.  As the most common bird in America, it rightly won as East Lake’s favorite eagle.  For the second installment of East Lake’s favorite animal, I will be choosing lesser known animals for the survey as to make it more unbiased.

Harpy eagle
Golden eagle