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Mr. Kay makes APUSH a must-take.

Mr. Kay makes APUSH a must-take.

Egan Beauvais, Staff Writer

AP U.S. History is a struggle. This class is easily one of the hardest classes at East Lake, and that is mostly because of the massive workload that accompanies it. It is taught by Mr. Kay, who is known to be one of the most interesting teachers in the entire school, and he will put you to work. Nevertheless, through all of the struggles, eventually it will be worth it.

In no way am I trying to tell anyone not to take this class because in the end you will almost certainly come away with an AP credit, unless you do not put in the work. The class is a grind all year long, filled with notes, quizzes, a few tests, projects, and even a couple essays and DBQs.  It takes a minimum of two hours for each set of notes, with four to five hours being more realistic, if not even more. The notes take forever, and there is no way of getting out of it. No one likes taking the notes, but they will basically decide whether or not you do well in the class. As for quizzes, they will be on each chapter that you take notes on, and they will teach you that you are not going to get every question correct. In other words, they are some of the most difficult quizzes you will take in your time in high school, but again, they will definitely prepare you for the AP exam. Tests are not that often, but when they do come around, they are huge unit tests that usually range from 75 to 100 questions. These also will show you that getting every question correct is not necessary, and normally there is some sort of curve on the test.

As for the rest of the class, the best parts are the lectures. There is no way to duplicate a Mr. Kay lecture, and everyone should see one. They may involve yelling, singing, acting out scenes from history, such as fights, or even some death(figurative). Through these lectures, and the many projects throughout the year, you play a character throughout history and also have a stock portfolio, allowing for you to even greater understand history. In reality, it is a lot of work, but in the end it will all pay off because you will know way more than you think or need to know.

As a whole, APUSH is very challenging and stressful, but in the end you will easily succeed if you put in work. Mr. Kay is a one-of-a-kind teacher; he is really what makes the class so good, and you would never forget him. I would give the class an eight out of ten, losing two points for all of the sleep lost due to notes, but it gets eight points because of how memorable Mr. Kay was.