Thoughts for your thoughts

East Lake’s top upperclassmen and women are asked some of the most important questions.


Thought provoking questions directed towards thought provoking people who come up with thought provoking answers

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

After the first edition of the newspaper, I thought there was a lack of student-based articles in the mix of news stories.  Asking people their thoughts on current events and personal opinions of issue helps students to see these quite possibly intimidating seniors and juniors as normal people.

There were four questions that I asked all my participants.

  1. What are you plans after the Homecoming dance?
  2. How has Red Tide affected your beach-going habits?
  3. Who is your favorite teacher?
  4. What is your perfect date?

I started out my interviews with the fashion icon senior Brooke Thornton.  She was rather excited to be featured and happily answered all my questions.  After Homecoming, Brooke planned to “hang out with her girls and go have a good time.”  Similarly to this, senior Trent Tookes intended to go to “social gatherings with both genders,” which he referred to as “highly recommended.”  Lastly, I had two students, senior Lauren Hancock and junior Matthew Trotto, say that they were going to get a meal prior to their respective social gatherings.  Matt said, “Breakfast is always a move, IHOP is always a move; their breakfast sandwich is definitely always a move.”  Lauren’s go-to food is “IHOP’s cupcake pancakes.”  What to do after Homecoming is always an issue with big groups of friends, but individuals always have their own ideas of the best thing to do after the dance.

Red Tide has affected all my participants greatly due to their incredibly active social lives.  Matt mentions “I still try to hit up the beach once a month and it’s difficult to do that with Red Tide here.”  Trent doesn’t go to the beach that often, but he does work in St. Pete and he said that the smell is awful.  Lauren and Brooke both mention their beach activities are at an all-time low.  Lauren’s “boating days have been drastically reduced” and Brooke is “slowly getting paler and paler by the day” thanks to Red Tide.  While none of these students have been sick due to Red Tide, they definitely have been affected and inconvenienced because of the situation.

I then asked these four fine students who their favorite teacher was.  Lauren and Brooke both claimed that Peter Spennato was their favorite teacher but for different reasons.  Brooke’s reasoning was that “he has a unique way of educating and inspiring young Constitutional scholars and truth seekers that no other teacher has,” and I can agree with her assessment because I had Spennato as a teacher.  Lauren says that “his acronyms definitely get me involved in his class, specifically ZEF and HAH,” which mean Zygote, Embryo, Fetus and Hypothalamus, Amygdala, Hippocampus respectively.  Trent claims that Greg Rocktoff is his favorite teacher for the simple reason of “he is pretty chill,” which as a student of his currently, I’d have to agree.  Finally, Matt’s favorite teacher is John Loftus because “he has an environment where you can learn and have fun.”  This is often the most enjoyable option to students because an entertaining class will normally help the student learn.

The fourth question, and by far the most scandalous, was their perfect date.  Brooke followed her heart and went with “stargaze in the back of his red Ford F-250 while wearing matching cowboy boots after a fun day of mudding.”  With such an answer you would have to assume that Brooke has had this perfect date idea in her head since she was a little girl.  Following this Matt said he would like to “go out for some mini golf on 11/11 and watch the sunset while eating ice cream.”  Keep this in mind, ladies, when November rolls around and you want to go on a date with THE Matt Trotto.  Trent keeps it simple by saying “in this specific order: Chipotle, movies, Menchies.”  With such a simple perfect date, ladies should be able to amaze Trent a little easier than the others.  Finally, there is Lauren whose passion is the beach.  Her perfect date is “going to the beach at about noon with some Publix popcorn chicken, eating it and then tanning and splashing around in the water.”  With all these prime options for taking some of East Lake’s finest on dates, they should be swamped with potential date options.

After interviewing about 10 students for this article, I decided that these students’ answers best matched their personality and what they would realistically answer.  With such scholastic idols as these students are, many younger students should strive to be as iconic as these amazing upperclassmen.