Possible cures for the puberty plague


Make it into no pimples with these possible cures. Photo by: https://www.acneaction.ca/news-releases/cartoons-acne-awareness-week-2016/

Madison Stites, Staff Writer

If you are suffering with terrible acne, constant zits, or irritated skin, you are not alone. Most high schoolers are struggling (they are encountering puberty in other terms). With the constant changes in hormones and in growth, it’s hard to find the right skin treatments. Yet, there are two major factors that one can change to their daily routine that works for most people.

Factor 1: Many people know chocolate is considered unhealthy, but what some don’t know is that it can have a negative effect on the skin. Chocolate most often is filled with sugar and saturated fats. Sugar causes insulin to surge, increasing skin inflammation. Saturated fats also have a negative effect, causing clogged pores. Therefore, if you can’t resist chocolate then stick to the darker chocolates that most often contain less sugar and fats. Furthermore, sugar and saturated fats aren’t only common within chocolate so stay away from all foods that contain high amounts of either of these, especially with Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner.

Factor 2: One of the most natural ways to improve skin conditions is through the miracle plant, aloe vera. I have tried drinking aloe vera juice for weeks on end (warning; it tastes like soap) and switching to putting the gel on my skin. My conclusion: both work fantastically. No matter which one I used, the detested bumps stayed away from my skin. Additionally, the best news is I’m not the only one who has experienced the success. This is due to the fact that aloe vera has been proven to have positive effects on the skin by reducing inflammation, controlling sebum amounts, and rehydrating the skin. All the factors aid in the reduction of acne, irritation, and redness that so many teens encounter during their high school years. Therefore, lay it on thick if you use the gel (but make sure you also moisturize) or drink about a shot of aloe juice a day to keep the bad skin away.

These two factors have been life saviors for the skin of many. Yet, it must be warned that these changes in your lifestyle have a chance of not working for you; after all, everyone’s skin is different. However, it is worth taking the chance because the positive effects could be life changing, especially with all holidays around the corner.