College applications

The day of reckoning is upon us; are you ready?


Pictured here is the being responsible for delivering you happiness or sadness on acceptance days.

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

Most college applications were due Nov. 1 and with that being yesterday, many students had been rushing to finish them.  I have been working for a couple weeks to fine tune my applications for each college.  I have gotten a couple letters of recommendation from teachers whom I find suitable for each college.  While this has been an incredibly stressful time for my peers and myself, now that it is over it almost feels like a weight to finish college applications has been lifted off my shoulders and a new weight has been put onto them.  The new and improved weight of actually getting into a college or the college of my dreams.

While it is relieving to not have to worry about finishing anything, the pressure of not knowing if I’m going to get into the colleges I want is intense.  It’s like a really long game of Uno where you’re not quite sure if your opponent has a +4 and you’re waiting for them to play it and then in the end they don’t end up playing it and you finally win and get into a college that you wanted to get into.

The day of reckoning for many students of East Lake High is February 8th or UF day.  For me, as well as all of these students, this day is the most important day of the year because it either gets you into the college you want or it’s a one-way ticket to FSU.  For some students it is a blessing because they know that they’re going to college and they don’t have to worry about not having anywhere to go anymore.  For others it’s a curse because they don’t have the gift of being able to go to the school of their dreams and they’ll have to settle for something not as perfect.

However stressful the time leading up to this day is, the day after will be so much more relieving.  No matter what happens, making it into that college that you want or not getting accepted, the stress of not knowing is finally gone.  That stress of not knowing what is going to happen next in your life is beyond describable.  There is so much pressure on students to get to the next stage in school or life they often don’t stop to think if they want to progress with what they’re doing or make a change for the better.  Sometimes they just do what people think is best for them even though it might not actually be what’s best for them…