Don’t stress it!

by evolutionwriters

by evolutionwriters

Kinou Louis-Charles, Ad Manager

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As the years pass, the high school curriculum becomes tougher and the field becomes more competitive. Students are now finding themselves drowning in homework, tests, and quizzes week by week with no time to catch their breaths. Stress is now a common feeling among teenagers as they are trying to get through the week though there is a way to make life a little easier for the average teenage student.


The most important task to take care of is mental health. Many students are so blinded by the “can’t stop won’t stop” lifestyle they tend to ignore their personal needs like plentiful amounts sleep or time for hobbies done for fun. One’s whole life shouldn’t be all work, especially when it brings less joy and harms your body. Therefore, it is important to carve out time just for you to clear your mind and enjoy time without school work.


It’s hard to have leisure time when you have no time, but many students are unaware that time management is the key! A student is told this at least a thousand times in their high school career; time management is what will help you not be up at two in the morning finishing homework you swore you would start a week ago but never did. According to Google, time management is effectively using the minutes, hours and days available to you in order to best accomplish your goals in the most effective way. A great way to practice this is to schedule a time for everything to be done so you aren’t overwhelmed with multiple things at once.


Eating three meals a day is also extremely important. Not starting your day with breakfast is starting your day with no energy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it isn’t worth being a few minutes early to school. Lunch and dinner should be filled with healthy food choices and not junk food that will wear you out and give you no energy. With no energy there is no motivation to get work done, so healthy meals and snacks are the way to go. It is best to always remember that a student’s life will never be perfect and it’s crucial to not be too hard on yourself but instead surround yourself with support!

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