Senioritis hitting hard


With the end of the year fast approaching, do the seniors at East Lake have the energy to continue.

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

Senior year for the 2019 graduates is coming to a close and many of them are very excited.  We are only three months away from leaving this school and going into the next chapter of our life, but the first thing we must do it actually graduate.  While we might be mentally ready to graduate, many students are finishing up their last graduation requirements with much reluctance.

Senioritis is hitting some students harder than others.  For example, senior Annarose Alemayehu says she’s “happy with not losing motivation yet,” but she expects by the time 4th quarter comes around to have to push herself to keep working. On the other hand, senior Olivia Mackenzie isn’t having as much luck.  “Senioritis is affecting me a lot. I just want to nap. A lot. All the time actually,” she said.  These two girls are good students, but we see senioritis is truly a lottery for who it affects.

While senioritis is hitting student hard, it’s also inspiring them for the future.  With this condition also comes the realization that college is just around the corner and many students are going to leave some of the most frustrating times of their life behind.  Senior Brandon Ottaviano is “psyched as h*** about going to college” and is “looking forward to all the new experiences.”  Brandon says senioritis is hitting but he’s still getting his work done and getting good grades.

While motivation is at an all-time low for the senior class, some students still find the drive to turn in their work and keep their grades up.  This is a good mindset to keep going into college because then is when you have to keep yourself responsible for finishing assignments.  Having responsibility is fun, but knowing what to do with it is what’s really important.