Patrick Roghaar Tragedy: The Scheduling Nightmare


Here we see Roghaar in classic homely shape after a rough day of his new schedule.

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

Fret not, I have not forgotten about the unfortunate series of events that is Patrick Roghaar. After a holiday season filled with young love, presents, and many more surprisingly positive additions to his life (let’s be real here; he’s a human being and not a punching bag) The punches began to flurry in quicker than the new year itself. Upon returning to ELHS for his second semester, Roghaar noticed a peculiar change within his schedule that would amount to an inconvenient set of changes to his routine.

Our friend looked at his schedule to see his third period Psychology class swapped with his seventh period Anatomy class. Aside from the obvious loss of a class with the one and only Sean Cunningham, this schedule change would prove a great test his strength as an anatomy student. Roghaar had become quite accustomed to the boatload of studying time he had for each Anatomy test, and now can be found desperately scraping together some sort of last-minute studying effort while in Mrs. Barbieri’s first and second periods. There have been test days he has come in utterly defeated, not even attempting to study through second period, in favor of enjoying the last 48 minutes of his life before the utter decimation that is his new third period. Additionally, Roghaar was switched into a Psychology class in which he is surrounded by far fewer peers and void of two of his good friends (Alexander Hanrahan and myself), still enjoying the lavish life of third period Psychology.

As the second semester continues to unfold for our unfortunate friend, we can only hope that things will somehow look up in the future. However, I have caught wind that he will be competing in a 2v2 spicy food competition soon, so we can never be too sure. Stay tuned.