Rooming 101: the pros and cons of picking a new roomie

Picking a roommate is one of the most exciting things about the whole college experience Photo provided by

Danielle Barnych, Staff Writer

It’s a couple months away until the beginning of a new journey…college. As you’re packing your bags and preparing for that bittersweet goodbye to your parents, you can find yourself thinking about what life’s going to be like on your own. It’s a time of maturity and decisions. Many first-year students choose to live in a dormitory to get the true college experience. So, with that, one of the big decisions that must be made is who you will room with in college. I have consulted with many people and have formulated some of the top pros and cons when it comes to rooming with a friend from home.



  1. You can feel more comfortable because you know them
  2. It makes the transition from home to college easier
  3. You can help each other around school and to classes
  4. You both created a stronger connection because you are put in a situation where you are forced to live together


  1. You will have to live with them even if you break off the friendship
  2. You have an obligation to hang out with them and be friends with them because of your previous mutual friendship/connection
  3. It opens up the door for more possibilities of drama since both of you have similar friend groups and memories
  4. You don’t have a clean slate to start from like you would have with a complete stranger


No matter the decision you make, it hopefully will all turn out fine in the end. Many people talk of the iconic roommate horror stories that unfold during college but sometimes that’s not always the case. An East Lake parent, Julie Pusateri, says, “I had a horrible roommate during my freshman year at FSU, but we were able to tolerate each other and had no obligation to be friends and now that experience is just a distant memory.” Ann Barnych, another parent, says, “I was assigned a random roommate in college and I still remain friends with them till this day.” So, you can see the decision to pick a roommate or go with a wildcard won’t guarantee the best/worst college experience. You will eventually have to decide and go with what you truly believe is the best move for you.