Last minute adventures

“Sometimes life hands you lemons and all you can do is go on a road trip to make life suck just a little bit less than before”

Florida is a great place for tourists and residents to stay occupied all throughout the year

Florida is a great place for tourists and residents to stay occupied all throughout the year

Danielle Barnych, Staff Writer

It’s the beginning of the end. A couple months from now you will be saying goodbye to the things you were comfortable with and be enduring a whole new set of experiences. This is scary and sometimes you just need to distract yourself and go on spontaneous adventures with your friends. So, if you aren’t sure where to start, this is where I come in to help. Let’s brainstorm.


  1. Do something active

There is really no limit to this category because as long as you aren’t planted on the couch, it can be considered active. Fan favorites that I’ve heard were a blast are goat yoga sessions, renting bikes on Clearwater Beach, and trying out kick boxing (btw, the first session at most kick boxing places is free since you are just trying it out to see if you will come back again). Although this option is more expensive than free, it can sometimes be worth the small expense now for the priceless memories made later.


  1. Just lounge around

If you aren’t up for strenuous activity, this category is calling your name. Take your Enu to the Dunedin Causeway and listen to slow jams under the sun or go to John Chestnut Park and relax under the beautiful oak trees with your companions. Also, having a mid-day picnic in the park is cute way to connect with friends and not spend your whole wallet on goats (although many argue that goats are worth the $30). It isn’t hard to have fun when you don’t even have to lift a finger to do so. Sometimes a little old-fashioned R n’ R (rest and relaxation) is necessary.


  1. Go far

Don’t be afraid to venture farther than the Starbucks on the corner. There is more to life than the things that are safe and known. What I recommend is that you get together with your friends and pick a place on your state map and go there. You might stumble upon things that you love that are nowhere near your area, which can make a mini road trip with your pals that much more valuable. Some examples include Strawberry Passion Organic Farms in Thonotosassa, for fruit picking, the Silver Moon Drive-In Theatre in Lakeland, to watch movies the old-fashioned way, and Seminole Aerial Adventures at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens for ziplining and giraffe feeding with your friends.


No matter who you are, everyone can agree that they have a group of friends they can be crazy and genuine with. The best way to keep these bonds strong is with the Gorilla Glue of all friendships: moments shared together. So, when you have a window of free time, go explore and create lasting memories with friends because those memories aren’t made without the motivation and drive to do so.