Ultimate Course Registration Guideline

Course registration can be quite the overwhelming task, but this guide will shine light on a couple of useful tips to aid the schedule-building process!

Course registration can be quite the overwhelming task, but this guide will shine light on a couple of useful tips to aid the schedule-building process!

Sean Cunningham, Staff Writer

As the 2018-2019 school year enters its final leg, it is necessary to look ahead at our future endeavors. Amidst the frantic exam studying that is in the air, high school students are tasked with the responsibility of picking schedules for the next year. Although this can be seen as quite the arduous task, I have decided to share my scheduling knowledge as an upperclassman and list off some of the most optimal tips and tricks for each grade level!


Rising Freshman: finding themselves in a new world of hormonal angst and honors societies, new freshmen have the least flexibility in scheduling of the grades. However, I would whole-heartedly recommend the following:

  • Hope online over the summer of 8th grade: Taking this required class before your high school career truly begins serves to kill two birds with one stone, both earning yourself the completion of a required course and the requirement of an online class.
  • AP Human Geography: For those of you Valedictorians-to-be, this class is an often-overlooked way to earn a GPA edge over the vast majority of your peers!
  • Musical Theatre 1: For any freshman more confident with their artistic and creative sides, the entry musical theatre class is sure to introduce you to both a wonderful form of human art and the most large and unified intra-curricular community present within ELHS!

Rising Sophomores: After going through the year-long warmup that is freshman year, it’s time to gear up for a real challenge in high school’s second year. My recommendations include:

  • Capstone (AP seminar): The capstone program is a wonderful opportunity for those looking to graduate with a college-friendly honor. Beginning the program sophomore year allows the possibility of earning this diploma before you begin your senior year, and before you send out a single college application!
  • Online 1st period: for those who can get a ride to school, being able to take a class online and embrace an extra hour of sleep every morning is an expert strategy! Although it requires an extra level of time management and juggling, enrolling in an online 1st period could be your saving grace through the many late nights of chemistry and world history studying.

Rising Juniors: Commonly known as the most challenging year of high school from an academic standpoint, Junior year is the epitome of “grind time.”  My recommendations include:

  • AP Psych: In my opinion, no driven high school student should miss this class. Combining a low workload and straightforward curriculum with a 5.0 weight to the GPA, AP Psychology is a no-brainer.
  • AP Stats: For those of you who do not wish to embark on the tedious journey of AP Calculus, AP Statistics offers a much more doable mathematics option. Boasting a supremely applicable curriculum, you will find yourself running probabilities and finding means before entering risky situations more often than you ever thought you would!

Overall, the biggest secret to crafting a successful schedule is being able to strike a balance between challenging yourself as a student and allotting yourself time and energy to enjoy the best years of your life. Hopefully, at least one of these tips can aid your quest to achieve that goal!