No amount of vaccines can save you from this disease.

Tyler Burleson, Staff Writer

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As graduation for the East Lake class of 2019 rolls around, senioritis is spreading like the plague. Google defines senioritis as “a supposed affliction of students in their final year of high school or college, characterized by a decline in motivation or performance.” The definition sums up the word nicely other than the use of the word “supposed.” Senioritis is very real and it’s here. Senioritis is caused by several factors hitting you at once. As a senior in high school, you have been in school for a long time now and it starts to get repetitive. Getting up extremely early, parking in the same spot, roaming the halls of East Lake High School, going from class to class, going to the same buildings, taking tests, getting homework, going home, and then doing it all again the next day it starts to get old. This coupled with the excitement for college is a recipe for disaster. By now almost all of us know where we are going to college and can’t wait for that; as seniors we are ready for the next step in our lives and excited with what it will bring. As senior year closes, symptoms may be your attendance dropping dramatically and your homework and classes not feeling as mandatory as they once used to.

For me senioritis has been building up for a long time. High school has burnt me out and I’m ready for the change of scenery and new learning environment that college will bring. As for my attendance, my teachers and classmates would attest that it’s not exactly perfect, far from it. I often lie in bed in the morning contemplating whether I should wake up, get ready, drive to school and try to stay awake all day while learning something, or just not move and grab a few more peaceful hours of sleep, I often choose the latter. Studying and homework has no longer turned into something you do when you get home from school or even that night; it’s now an extreme sport where I see if I can do it all in the few class periods before it is due. I’m burnt out and it’s no longer about trying to get straight A’s or raise my GPA but to get keep my grades the bare minimum they can be and try to get by.

Senioritis has hit me hard, but I’m not the only one. Many of East Lake’s fine seniors are feeling the effects. Ryan Berke says, “I wake up 10 minutes before 2nd period and want to die every day.” This exemplifies how hard it is to wake up this late in our high school years. Andrew Economos, who was previously known for his strong grades and motivation, says, “Since I got into my college I have no motivation to do any work. As long as I avoid getting a D or an F I feel set.” Hannah Berko’s senioritis has had a slow build up and she states, “I feel like I’ve had senioritis since the end of sophomore year, but it’s really just hit hard second semester and I literally have no motivation to do anything and only show up to school on time because I have to drive other kids.” This shows the safest way to guarantee your attendance doesn’t nose dive is to have other more motivated students rely on you to get school. A fellow newspaper staffer Connor Wells, states the obvious, “I have senioritis and I have no motivation for school.”

As senior year draws to a close the 2019 class’s motivation has reached an all-time low. Let’s hope we all make it through and go to college recharged and ready to work.

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