Who will win water wars?

A Wet and Wild adventure for East Lake

Connor Wells, Staff Writer

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Water wars Is a battle royale style competition that has been a tradition of the senior class for several years now. While East Lake hasn’t been the first local school to pick this up, it has been a student-led staple for years. The game itself involves teams of students (maximum of five) running around trying to get kills. A “kill” entails hitting someone with a water gun, hose, water balloon, etc. There are many rules and restraints that will be explained later, and the competition lasts for a full month. The competition is not officially sanctioned by the school but is run by East Lakes’ Blue Crue, the president of which is senior Andrew Fisher. Andrew and fellow senior Anthony Samarkos are both running the event. Communication for teams exist through the Water Wars twitter, a great place to learn about the rules, team wins, and announcements.  You can follow them @ELWW2019 .

East Lake Water wars of 2019 takes a lot of inspiration from last year’s senior class. The 2018 Water Wars was also run by Blue Crue, led by alumni Stony Hooker, who amassed more than 15 teams to participate. The rules are the same outlining what constitutes a kill, where safe zones are, and special cases. To be recorded, players who have been killed must take a picture with the winning player and post it to the official water wars twitter. Disputes in kills are settled by a third party. Returning to the game involves two actions. One is waiting for a jailbreak; the other is taking a picture with a past East Lake alumni. The safe zones include school, school events, work, church, shopping for Prom, and team practices. While in a car, the driver is safe but the passenger is not.

All these rules are listed in a pinned tweet off the twitter but others continue to be added. Parties that are invite only are safe zones, while open ones are not. Too register for water wars, players submit $5 with team names and a picture. As mentioned earlier East Lake is not the only school doing water wars, so a recent tweet clarified that if a PHU water wars player is killed, the resulting score is 10 points instead of 5. This most likely stemmed from the particularly brutal hate week leading to up to the EL V. PHU football game, of which Eastlake smacked PHU. With all the involved teams and hype surrounding water wars this year, it could be a particularly exciting year, as long as everyone follows the law and stays sensible.

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