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Emily Rollins, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of the year again. Everything is winding down to a final closing point. Students are no longer learning new material – unless, that is, they have not paid much attention all year – and everyone is reviewing for finals. Students are beginning to recognize everything that is necessary for them to do in order for their final grades to look good. The freshies are nervous for their first high school final exams, Sophomores are doing everything they are supposed to, juniors are pushing it and putting a bit of extra effort into their work, and Seniors are just trying to make it by.

Anyone who has ever experienced the symptoms of senioritis is fully aware of just how difficult this time of the year can become. With motivation levels hitting an all-time low and ability to concentrate, despite all of the excitement to end the year, decreasing, finishing the year off strong definitely becomes difficult. I myself have experienced senioritis at its most severe levels and am fully aware of the difficulty it can bring to one’s ability to finish the year with grades that imply mastered material. The best thing to do is simply get into the right mindset. Although senioritis is highly contagious and will most likely affect 99% of students at some point in their high school career, it is something that can be dealt with.

Many students find themselves dealing with senioritis in different ways such as making a schedule, rewarding themselves for sticking to it, and dedicating time to school work. This definitely requires a vast amount of willpower, strength, and commitment to school work, regardless of the commitment to summer time and future college plans that seems so near. To all of the underclassmen out there, your case of senioritis just needs a bit of motivation and redirection. To all upperclassmen, and mostly seniors, simply try to make it to the end without failing.

Senioritis truly is something that is often overlooked, and its effects can be long lasting and dramatic, such as failing classes and ending the year getting college acceptances rescinded. The best thing to do when the symptoms of senioritis begin appearing is to simply keep whatever last strand of motivation, willpower, or reward is left. This highly contagious condition definitely needs to be more emphasized and brought to caution because it truly can cause someone to do their homework in class, 3 days after it was due; I think most of us have been at there at some point or another.

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