Pre-Grad bash: best Universal rides

Lauren Hancock, Staff Writer

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Senior grad bash is coming up quickly, on Friday, April 12th, and so is the end of senior year. Grad Bash offers seniors access to both of Universal Studios’ amazing theme parks all night. Hopefully this will cause faster lines and more time to ride all of the many rides they have.
Universal offers two parks, Universal Studios, their original park, and Universals Islands of Adventure, which is a bit newer. Universal Studios boasts more themes of classic movies and shows like the Simpson’s and Men in Black. The rides are a bit older, however they have one of the coolest, most original roller coasters in Orlando. Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket features a straight, 90 degree climb to the top of the hill and allows the rider to pick a song of their choice to enjoy while riding the coaster. It is definitely one of the best coasters that you can find in Orlando. Universal Studios also recently gained more popularity as they added a new Harry Potter world and ride, similar to what Islands of Adventure did several years ago. They included a Potter themed train ride to connect each of the Wizarding Worlds at both parks.
Islands of Adventure seems to be the more popular park of the two in recent years. One of the biggest attractions of this park is its Marvel superhero island. The island is an entire large area of the park designated to superhero’s only. They have perhaps the most famous Universal ride, the Incredible Hulk coaster, which launches riders out of the start tunnel into an inversion in the air. The Marvel island also is home to two twin drop towers, named after doctor doom, of course. If you aren’t so into thrill rides, the amazing Spider-Man ride is the one for you. One of the best simulator rides at Universal will make you feel like you are really in the scene. What made Islands of Adventure really famous, however, was the addition of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The recreation of the Hogwarts castle is perhaps the most amazing sight to see in all of Universal. It feels like you are really there with the fake snow, platform 9 and 3/4, and the jumping chocolate frogs. When you attend the Wizarding World, you can purchase your own cloak, wand, and even attend all the shops that Harry, Ron, and Hermione did on their journey to Hogwarts. The ride through the castle feels insanely real and is definitely worth the usual, almost 2 hour wait for sure.
The rides at night are even better than they are during the day, with all of the lights lit up. Regardless of which park you are at, the Universal rides are definitely like no other.

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