Senior breakfast fun

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer


On April 22 all the seniors gathered for one last hoorah together before graduation. We celebrated each other’s accomplishments while looking at memories of the year that has flown by so fast right before our eyes. The menu consisted of French toast, eggs, bacon, potatoes, and more. At roughly 10:30, a hypnotist came to the breakfast. A series of hypnotic trials were run to see who is most susceptible to being under his hypnotic spell. It first started off with clasping your hands together and sticking your fingers straight out, then while he was talking he said that we would imagine our fingers were pulling together. This worked on many of the students. Next, we clasped our hands together out in front of us and imagined they were stuck, if it did not work you were asked to sit down. Those few remaining were called to the stage. Ok the stage things like driving a car, acting like an animal, dancing, and so much more were all conveyed on our hypnotized friends. After, when the students were going back to their seats, they were utterly confused as to what happened. They were also given key words so when the hypnotist said them, they followed them.

One example was when someone said Tarzan, they would stand up and make a loud Tarzan call. Senior Billy Ryder says “I felt like I was on the stage for only 5 minutes” when in reality it was over half an hour. This was a fun event to watch our classmates do funny things on the stage, things we never thought we would see. Lastly, many seniors were shocked when there were no senior superlatives handed out. Many were angered due to the fact they wanted to see which person won which category. After the conclusion of this, we all gathered at the school for a graduation ceremony to get our caps and gowns.