Ap Exam Study Tips


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Emily Rollins, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again. Final exams are just around the corner and it is imperative to make sure to pass all of them. After all, you wouldn’t want to have sat in a class and suffered all year long just to not even receive the college credit for it, right? Studying for AP exams is extremely important because getting a passing score on the exam can not only give you a college credit and an exemption from having to take the course in college, but it can also save you thousands of dollars. The up to five-hour exams seem like absolute death, and the coursework all year long is treacherous. However, after everything is said and done, a college credit and GPA boost is definitely worth it. So here are some study tips that can be incorporated into any last-minute cram sessions in order to pass with not just a 3, but a 4 or even a well-respected 5.

College Board, the association responsible for the implementation of these AP courses, allows for a variety of study resources to be available for all AP students. There are numerous textbooks, notebooks, flashcard sets, practice exams, and tutoring videos available for students. Some extremely popular and helpful exam books include 5 steps to a 5 and the highly recommended Barron’s Book. These books contain reviews of the content as well as numerous practice AP style questions, to ensure that the student is as well prepared as possible.

Furthermore, there are numerous online applications that can be referred to as well. Many websites such as Khan Academy and College Board itself offer a variety of tutoring options, review videos, and exam tips. It is always useful to go on Youtube and look up different review videos as well. Crash Course is an extremely popular Youtube channel that offers 10-15 minute review videos on almost any AP course offered.

When beginning any last-minute cram sessions, it is definitely beneficial to take a diagnostic test, simply to see which areas of the content of the course will require more focus and emphasis throughout the study process. Based on which areas need improvement, you can then make an organized plan to set aside days to focus on each specific aspect of the course content. Finding a proper study spot, as well as utilizing techniques of group study sessions and individual study sessions can be extremely helpful as well.

It is important to note that studying cannot be beneficial if it is all done the night before the exam. Students benefit mostly from dedicating numerous study sessions throughout the days leading up to the exam. The effects of study will be way more beneficial. Olivia Mackenzie mentions that last year, her prime study go-to was to “meet with people at Panera or Starbucks, and look at different things that everyone needs help on and focus on how we can all aid each other on the things that need to be improved.” Senior Annarose Alemayehu states that her best study tip was to “find a quiet room where there are no distractions. And definitely ask your teachers for as many available resources as possible. They will be more than happy to give you some old AP practice exams or previous AP exam questions.” It is all about customizing your study habits to ensure that you are doing everything you need in order to get that college credit. You can do it!