Start senior saving

Incoming Seniors read carefully! In this article I will inform you on a few of the senior expenses that could possibly send you into student debt before you even head into college!


This could be you if you don’t know how to save your money for senior year. If you want the full senior experience, it’s going to be more than what you thought it would be!

Daniel Cusimano, Staff Writer

It’s the first day of your senior year and everything is looking up! Until BAM they hit you with all the things you need to pay for. Let’s start out with the just average expenses that aren’t too terrible. We will start off at your honor societies. Excited hard-working seniors that want to join more honor societies for their college applications will have to pay just an entrance fee between $15-$35 depending on the society. Then once you make it to the end of the year, you will be asked to pay for your graduation cord, which is usually around $10-$15.  Now if you’re like me who is a part of around seven honor societies, we are talking about over $250 just to be a part of the society and to get a cord for graduation. Now for anyone saying “I don’t want the cord,” listen: you have put in countless hours of community service, so you want the credit for doing that and to show it off to all your friends.

After that we head into college applications, transcripts, and ACT/SAT. A standard application to a Florida school will be around $30-$40. That is just to apply, but then you must send in $13 for every ACT you want schools to see, $15 for every AP Credit you want colleges to see, $11.25 for every SAT you want to send, and lastly $1 for your high school transcripts to be sent out. Now I applied to many out of state schools and I was lucky enough to get almost all of them waived (thanks, Dad, for being in the army) so my expenses were cut down. But if you aren’t as fortunate to get any application fee waived, the college expenses are insane. NYU was $90 just to apply, and the Boston Conservatory was $150 just to send an application in. If you’re so over Florida and are trying to get out, make sure you and your family are ready for the many-and I mean many-expenses it will take to get you there.

Now we will get into the fun expenses but also ones that add up very quickly.  If you need to get a locker because you’re lazy and you lost your lock, that is $3. If you want a senior parking spot, that’s $10 ($20 if you want to go and paint it). Who’s excited for Homecoming! That’s another $35, but we can’t forget about the senior Prom which is another $65. You want to remember your senior year, don’t you? Well that senior year yearbook is $70! Don’t even get me started, ladies and gentlemen, on how much you spend on dresses and tuxes and boutonnieres. Then we head to graduation, right. Well, you want to look good so for your cap and gown it is $42.90 just to look good on your big day. Wait a minute; you thought that’s all you had to pay for graduation….NO you must pay to physically WALK! The walking fee is $35. Because why pay for the cap and gown if you can’t even walk and show yourself off to everyone! Then we head into the famous senior breakfast where you get to have your final supper… I mean last meal with the people you just absolutely love seeing every single day at 7:20 a.m. That is a beautiful price of $35 just to EAT! If you know about water wars, then you are surely going to want to be a part of it. It is pretty much a water gun fight with all the seniors for a month. If you want to do that, then that’s another $5 plus buying your own water gun. Last but certainly not least GRADBASH! This one is a time where you can go to both Universal parks for the whole entire night (they close the park all the way until 4:30 am for seniors). For this fun filled trip it will be $155! WHAT A STEAL! But honestly, though, that isn’t bad compared to Universal’s 1 day 1 park pass, which is $114. Now if you want this whole entire jam-packed year it is going to be a minimum of $571.15 (that includes applying to only one college and being a part of one honor society). Now you do not have to do all the things that are listed above here, but you need to be aware of what you’re getting yourself into. Save that money as fast as you can because senior year is right around the corner!