Summer graduation trips


Cruises are popular options for graduation trips.

Olivia Mackenzie, Staff Writer

With many seniors about to graduate, there are many trips planned for the summer as the senior trip. Many are going on cruises, trips to Europe, or to somewhere tropical. These trips are usually with family and sometimes even friends. These take months of planning and preparation to book it at the right time to ensure a trip that will provide the most fun and that the memories will last a lifetime. This is usually a gift from parents to their kids before they go to college.

Some members of the senior class have their trips planned out. Senior Emily Rollins plans to travel to Austria. She said, “I am extremely excited to go travel before starting college; it will be the break I need.” When asked, many say that they are going on a cruise. Senior Daniel Cusimano plans to go on a cruise to the Bahamas, and he says, “I am so excited to travel and make memories.” This time traveling is usually spent with family, due to the students leaving and starting their next chapter of life in college. Senior Emma Grace plans on traveling to Europe with her family. She says, “I am ready to experience new places.” Many are very excited to travel and spend time with their family, which will provide the family time and comfort they need before heading off to college.

Some great vacation ideas to think about when traveling include cruises, Europe, somewhere tropical, or even a road trip. Cruises can range from just a day or two, to over a week. These are great to do with family, or even a friends trip. Stopping at multiple stops in different places will allow people to experience many new things they haven’t seen without booking multiple hotel rooms and plane tickets. Traveling to Europe will provide so many different options on where to go. Although this is a more expensive trip, there are deals on hotel rooms and plane tickets that can be made, and the memories that one will create will be worth it. Going here will provide one with beautiful views, new foods, and history of each place. Going somewhere tropical like the Caribbean, Bahamas, or islands will also provide a relaxing time in the sun and by the water. Many can just relax, tan, and just have a good time. With different activities to do in the water such as swimming, boating, sailing, jet skiing, and so much more, one will never get bored. Lastly, if one does not have the desire to leave the country, a road trip can be the next best option.  Places such as California, Nevada, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, and more are great states to stop in and are all beautiful in their own way. Also stopping at monumental places such as Yellowstone National Park, Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Rushmore, and more will be a great experience.

Overall, whether you are traveling with friends or family, these are great trip ideas. Even if one is not going on a big senior trip, just staying around with family and friends still provides a great time. This whole last summer should be used to make memories and to spend it with those who matter most.