The best part of senior year

Which event is the most fun for seniors? Will some students say the whole year was horrible?

For some students the best part of senior year was Photoshop...

For some students the best part of senior year was Photoshop…

Joshua Brooks, Staff Writer

With the year coming to a close, I believe it is appropriate to ask some of the seniors what their favorite part of the year was.  With so many enjoyable events that have happened this year, seniors have quite the list to choose from but here are just some of what they enjoyed and why.

Personally, the best experience that I had this year was homecoming week.  Although the days could have been better, we had to work with what we had and many of us had a lot of fun.  By far the most fun day was Generations Day because all of the seniors got together at the beginning of lunch and just fell down, making the biggest school traffic jam I have ever seen.

Senior Andrew Fisher has a different idea of what was the best part.  He was an officer of Blue Crue and he spent almost every game on the sideline hyping up the stands.  His favorite memories of senior year are “finding the friends who I never want to forget and Friday night lights.”  Andrew loved to get Blue Crue excited with thunder sticks, baby powder, and a lot of beads.

Some people don’t care about the senior year and are just looking forward to leaving.  Senior Brandon Ottaviano says the best part of this year is going to be graduation.  Also, he has been “ready to leave East Lake since at least spring break, maybe even winter break.”  This is the outlook that a lot of students have but Brandon’s drive to leave comes from a single thing.  Standing up for the pledge. Every. Single. Day.  During other years this wasn’t a challenge for Brandon but now that he is almost done with school he is also done with everything he does at school; like stand for the pledge.

Last, but not least I talked to Senior McKenna Graham.  She plays softball and is one of East Lake’s many student athletes.  Her favorite part of this year was the softball season.  Many seniors start to lose the drive to go to school after winter break and McKenna was no different.  The softball season starts at about the same time winter break ends, which is good timing for her because “it kept me at school when I didn’t want to be.”  Through all of first semester McKenna looks forward to this time of year because of how much happiness it gives her.  She “loves the softball girls more than anything and the games are always fun with them.”

Senior year for most students is about making sure you are set to graduate as well as applying to colleges.  To many students this is not a hard task and most try to take relatively easy classes so they get to spend as much of their time enjoying the last year as they can.  There has been a fair amount of school run events like Homecoming, Prom, and Grad Bash but not many students see those as the best moments of senior year.  For many students, the time they spend with their friends is the most memorable thing that they can do.