Survival guide to senior pictures

The advice your old sibling forgot to tell you.

The advice your old sibling forgot to tell you.

Kinou Louis-Charles, Entertainment and Editorials Editor

Welcome back to a new school year with eagles ready to learn and information ready to be obtained. Fun fact: this is an exciting year for me because it’s my senior year of high school. (woohoo!) Being a high school senior has its perks, like closer student parking spaces and being released five minutes earlier from school, but then, there is always one thing looming over our heads as we attempt to have the best year ever. For me that one thing was senior photos. Senior photos were a task I had no idea how to go about and a task I was a bit nervous to participate in, but after an abundance of assistance from outside help and finally snapping the shot, I feel like an expert on how to survive senior photos. If you feel the same way I felt regarding senior photos, allow me to clue you in on how to make sure you are prepared for anything.


My first tip is to book your appointments early; waiting till last minute is just inviting future problems to appear. The studio you are required to book your photo session with is Cady Studios in Tampa (address appears below the article).  Booking your appointments in a timely manner allows you to choose the time you want instead of one you managed to cram into your schedule. If you aren’t sure when the deadline for senior photos is, let me enlighten you. The deadline is November 1st so be sure to schedule before that date.


The next piece of advance is if you are going to any type of stylist, you need to know what you want in terms of hair, and/or make-up. A mistake I made was that I wasn’t very specific when it came to what I wanted my hair and make-up to look like on the day of photos, I just wanted to look good. The problem with my mindset was it left people guessing and me compromising and no one should have to compromise for their photos. So, if you aren’t sure of how you want to look in your photos look through some magazines or beauty guru Instagram pages to find inspiration. Having a picture to show your stylist at least helps them know what look you are aiming for.


This tip is one I have heard and wished I followed, bring a friend/ family member with you the day of photos. The reason for this is so you can have someone there to help you with the way you look in the shots and to assist you during hard times. Another reason to bring someone with you is also to just have someone there to talk with you and hang out while you wait for photographers to call your name. Company goes a long way.


The closing tip is to have fun and enjoy the experience of having your photo professionally taken even if it is just for school. With every photo there is a memory, and no one should look back at their senior photos with negative energy behind it so be sure that while you are being prepared you are also being joyful. To anyone preparing to take their senior photos good luck!

Address to Cady Studios: 4899 W. Waters Avenue Ste. G-F, Tampa, FL 33634