East Lake Barstool: a mystery

No one has come forward to claim ownership of this Barstool.

No one has come forward to claim ownership of this Barstool.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Last year around the time of the annual PHU vs. ELHS Twitter feud, a new account popped up. This account called itself “East Lake Barstool.” This comes from a popular social media group that goes by Barstool sports. Most major universities around the country have barstool pages. These accounts are created to keep students engaged in their school’s community via social media. So, someone from East Lake figured “why not high school?” This page makes it clear that they are not affiliated with ELHS or our student section, Blue Crue. That being said, this Twitter page shows relentless school spirit toward our sports teams. The support has been consistent throughout all sports and has recently been a huge role in this year’s war between the Hurricanes and Eagles. The owner of this account has made continuous and educated comments to push East Lake along.

The following of this account skyrocketed as the 2018 PHU beef continued. But when this game was over, the account wasn’t. They continued being absolutely ruthless to any person or team that got in the Eagles’ way. They stay involved in seemingly every sport, creating rivalries, defending our athletes, even staying very involved with reporters in the area. But there has always been one big question surrounding this account: who is East Lake Barstool? This has been a question floating around the students and even staff for a while now. The owner(s) of this account have chosen to stay anonymous, presumably to protect their identity from anyone from a rival school who may be a little too upset over a comment. Obviously, there has been some speculation over who runs the account, but no names make total sense.

The person behind this account most likely isn’t an athlete because the risk of getting caught could ruin someone’s sporting career. They are most likely a student who attended East Lake last year when the account first came to be. Who knows if they still go to the Lake, although it would make sense if they do.  Whoever runs this account has stayed hidden very well over the last year. Will the owner of this infamous page ever be made known? Only time will tell.