Why I became an exchange student

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo

Before coming to United States, everybody talked about it as a “film

Country.” It makes sense because all good films are filmed here. When my friends and I were small we used to dress up as Hollywood film star, and for hours it seemed as being a true American Hollywood star

Whenever somebody asked us about America, we would think of it as the

capital of the world. It is where all famous persons reside, where all

kinds of shops are found, and where there are big cities where you could

barely see the end of their buildings…


In Europe we all grow up influenced by the idea of having that

great city in our planet earth. That great city we would visit whenever we

were older. Two years ago, one of my best friends talked to me about

him going to United States as an exchange student. We would spend

nights planning our exchange year in America together. We would talk

about how we would make trips all over California and Florida and how

we would have the best year of our life. I never talked about it as

something real to do, more as a dream. However, then my Dad told me

about his senior year in Santa Barbara, California. In that moment I knew

I needed to follow his path and live the same experience he did.


My father and I went straight to work and found a good company in

Madrid. A lot of paperwork had to be done, but in less than 6 months I

arrived to this film country. I visited New York with my friends as our last

trip together in one year and came straight to Florida.


The most important thing for me was how charmed I was at how

people were so sweet and nice to me for being new here. Everybody has

helped me meet new people and are understanding that I’m slow at

speaking in English. I also want to mention the fantastic family that is

hosting me, how they made me feel at home in such a small amount of

time and how they called me daughter in a matter of days. I’m having the

impression this is one of the best decisions I’ve had and I know I will

have a great year.


So far this experience has been very good, I’ve met really nice

people and had very good times with them. I got to see beautiful Florida

places and the best thing is having a second family which i love tons.

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