The downfall of Mr. Roghaar

Patrick finds the TikTok content to be quite humorous.

Patrick finds the TikTok content to be quite humorous.

Cooper Nelson, Staff Writer

So where did it all begin?  I truthfully could not give you an exact date.  But I my best estimate puts it somewhere around the beginning of August 2019.  It wasn’t bad at first; he would just use it a couple times a day.  But as days turned into weeks a few times turned into a lot of times.  In the not so distant future I see it… the demise of Patrick Roghaar.  Now what is capable of bringing down this straight A student and student athlete you may ask?  An addiction… to TikTok.  Ever since Patrick’s girlfriend, Julia, left for college he has had a void in his life, which I think he is attempting to fill with this application.

So, at what point, as his dear friend, am I obligated to step in?  I am not alone when I say I have noticed differences in his behavior.  Senior Brock Maloy, who has watched this transformation occur, said, “He needs help.”  Patrick, a once bright beacon of youth and knowledge, has been reduced to nothing more than an up-swiping and double tapping automaton.   One could only guess how much time a day Mr. Roghaar spends on this mind-numbing app.  Josh Pigozzo, another senior who has taken notice of this catastrophe said that he “really hates to see it.” My guess is somewhere between 5 and 7 hours.  The humorous, intelligent Patrick I once knew is no more.  My fellow classmates and I in third period Journalism class have observed that instead of using class time to cultivate amazing stories for the newspaper, he elects to spend his time on TikTok.

As our efforts to help him break this addiction have proven futile; therefore, Patrick is the only one who can save himself from this black hole he has entered.  Patrick adamantly stated this week that “TikTok is the greatest app ever created.”   We can only speculate the psychological effects this has had on him.  However, as a result of this dependency there have been some visible changes to Patrick.  The formerly well kept, well dressed scholar now shares a certain resemblance with Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.  As a friend of Patrick, it pains me to see how he has devolved, yet all I can do is sit and watch as he withers away.