Explore the world without leaving East Lake


Students enjoy meeting classmates from around the world at the inaugural meeting of International Club.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo, Staff Writer

The International Club was sponsored this year by Wil Zayas, the school nurse.

It’s a club that has been established for many reasons: to take care of new students who come to school from other parts of the world and the country so they feel welcome, and also for students that are curious about other cultures, traditions, and foods. It is a way to create friendship and understanding among all the students at East Lake


Mr. Zayas was inspired to create the club after hearing about an international club from one of our students last year. She explained to him how much it helped her when she first arrived in the United States, and how she wished we had one here.

Mr. Zayas is also very pleased about the idea of uniting people from all parts of the world.


The International Club meets every Monday at the Media Center during lunch. One of the club’s main goals is to have a meaningful and positive effect on our students’ lives, especially while we are at school. Whether it is sharing food, discussing current international events, or helping a new student find their way around school, the club is always looking for ways to establish a “culture of brotherhood” on campus.


Personally, me as being an exchange student I see very well the idea of being part of a club where I can meet more people like me who like to travel or that simply because of the obligation of life they have had to come to live in Florida.

It’s also a very good way of getting to make new friends and understanding people. And last but not less important, I think it’s very necessary to have an open mind and get to know new cultures, how people live, how they do things different than us.

It is also a way of realizing of all the things we have and how lucky we are to have them.


In my point of view, this is a fantastic idea, which also represents me because of my nationality. It’s an amazing way of exposing my country to my friends or even to other people I don’t know. We also make typical food from our country and share it.



Feel free to join the International Club whenever; everybody is welcomed!