The Man, The Myth, The Legend, The Brock Maloy


Throwback Thursday

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

I remember when I first met Brock. We were about 7 years old. He joined the baseball team I was on called the Poison. We were absolutely horrible. Next level bad. We won three games in three years. But through the storm, an epic friendship came out of it. Brock and I became attached at the hip. Our parents became good friends as well. Before we knew it, we were best friends.

Once we got tired of losing so much, Brock’s dad, Timothy Delton Maloy, decided to create his own team. This team was called the Diamondbacks. We were a total powerhouse team. We ran competition over. We were bringing home a trophy every single weekend. And the best part was we were having a total blast. Our parents used these games as excuses to absolutely rage. We were staying in epic hotel rooms. Our parents gave us free range. This was the best thing ever for 9-year-old kids. Brock and I got into some trouble, playing hide and seek, ding dong ditch, and pretty much anything else that could get us yelled at.

As we got older, Brock and I remained friends. We didn’t go to the same elementary or middle schools, so it was hard to hang out at times. This all changed in high school. We were psyched to go to East Lake together. It has been epic. Brock was quickly adopted by our group of friends. It was like he has been with us since off the rip.

Brock has developed into an absolute beast in high school. He decided to make the switch from baseball to golf to pursue his inner Tiger Woods. Today, he is demolishing opponents on the golf course and wrecking Gorditas off of it. He is in the National Honor Society and is an absolute scholar in the classroom. Brock Maloy is the kind of person I want my kids to grow up to be.