Hilarious Homecoming

The best of Homecoming week


Here are the students paying respects the g.o.a.t., Mr.Tosconi

Josh Pigozzo, Staff Writer

Homecoming week is always a great time where everyone gets to dress up and have fun.  The whole school participates in this and dresses in unique outfits.  Now that it is all finished up I’m here to summarize what happened and some stand out costumes.

The festivities started off on Thursday, October 12 with Character Day.  This day was very unique because of the flexibility of the day. I would say that the most common characters people dressed up as was VSCO girls and eboys.  The VSCO girls had on their favorite oversized t-shirt, scrunchies, and got out their Hydroflasks.  However, I think that it pretty safe to say that the Toscanis took the trophy.  There was an army of around thirteen portraying our beloved administrator and it was spectacular.  It wasn’t very easy to pull this off look.  For the clothes, they simply wore a collared shirt, khaki pants, and a black wig.  But the accessories are where it got interesting.  Students sported name tags, keys, and of course walkie talkies to communicate with each other and catch anyone who was late to class or doing suspicious things in the bathroom.  They served our school a great duty that day and patrolled the halls fearlessly.  Mr.Toscani wasn’t offended by this and he actually loved the idea of it and thought that it was very funny.

Cowboys vs Aliens was on Friday and I thought that this was an interesting theme even though I’m not very sure where it came from.  It wasn’t very diverse because of the strict guidelines but it was still very fun.  Some standout costumes were worn by Kevin Madley and Robby Benecassa.  They had inflatable costumes that made it seem like they were two people and I thought that they were very cool.  Kevin was a cowboy who was riding a horse that he decided to name Ralphan d Robby looked like he had an alien carrying him around.  I feel like the best part about this day was everyone being able to act like they were fresh out of the wild west, which was very fun.

The next Tuesday was the classic Tacky Tourist.  In my opinion, it seems like this theme has lost some of its magic due to how long it has been done, and it’s very hard to put your own spin to it.  Nevertheless, people still kicked back in their Hawaiian shirts and sandals and had a great time.

Following that, on Thursday, was Generations Day.  Many seniors consider this their favorite day because they get to dress up as senior citizens.  So many people participated that I couldn’t find a store that still and canes and walkers in stock.  The halls were hard to get through due to everyone walking so slowly and falling down steps.  At lunch the infamous mob of senior citizens was wild and people were rolling on the ground struggling to get up.

It was all wrapped up with spirit day on Friday where everyone threw on their blue clothes and showed their school spirit.  The pep rally at lunch was the highlight of this day and was better than I expected.  The band played great and it was hyped up in the gym.