“Coping with false allegations” rebuttal


Mr. Roghaar caught in the act of his Tik Tok addiction.

Sean Cunningham, Features Editor

False accusations. Funny, our residing copy editor, Patrick Roghaar, believes that he has been plagued with false accusations, when he is the sole perpetrator of this crime. Someone needs to stop this menace, as his spiraling addiction has reached dangerous levels. Resorting to the slander and destruction of his own friends, Roghaar must be stopped, and the only way to stop him is by revealing the truth.


Tik Tok is a horrifyingly addictive poison. The application draws you in with its innocent and entertaining humor, eventually trapping its viewers into an endless cycle of viewing cringey dance videos made by 15-year-old children. Sadly, it seems that Mr. Roghaar has fallen victim to the Tik Tok addiction. I have seen with my own eyes the shell of a man he has become, all while denying any issue with his new “hobby,” and it is truly unfortunate. Roghaar can be found sitting in class reciting songs out loud like a Tik Tok parrot, stuck in an endless loop of misery and melody. He admires influencers on the app like a child admires their favorite superheroes and has reacted so strongly to simple loops that it has begun to disrupt the well-being of those around him. Roghaar, if you are reading this, we all just want you to recover. However, we will not tolerate the slander of our names just for you to justify or rationalize your horrific problem. Just recently, Roghaar was given a reality check by staff writer Cooper Nelson in the form of an article referring to him as a Tik Tok addict. This outraged our residing copy editor, who went on a slanderous rampage within the infamous “coping with false accusations” article, smearing the name of his fellow staff member. Mr. Nelson was an innocent man who simply wanted to protect a friend in desperate need of help, and he has now been undeniably framed by none other than Roghaar himself. If this article does anything for the greater good of society, I hope it will allow the public to see the truth that must shine through regarding this repulsive action and subsequent cry for help from a hopelessly addicted man.