I’m starting a band


Me, shown above, desperately looking for members.

Patrick Roghaar, Copy Editor

I have made the decision as executive leader of my life to start a band. After hearing and

contemplating the news received from the UF decision day, I have decided my best route is to drop

education and pursue excellence in the form of low-quality music composed in my attic. I have always

had a liking for the ukulele, and after getting back into it I decided my funky sounds would be

accompanied well with some local community members.


I’ve made this decision because I really think I can be something in this industry. The sounds I

produce from this tiny guitar are one of a kind. I just put my fingers wherever I feel is best, and a sound

is produced. That is what I call music. I figure that I will cover the sound of strings, now all I need is a

singer, a drummer, someone who can whack a triangle. My purpose of this is to create a music-form for

the people that they can relate to, something that appeals to all musicians, something they can hit the

bench press for a new one rep max on or attend their grandma’s funeral.


I honestly was thinking about this decision before the rejection. I wanted to share my talents

with the rest of society, and not just confine my abilities to the insides of my home. Whoever would like

to take on this opportunity with me, please feel free to talk to me personally in the halls and/or message

me online. I shouldn’t have to give too much more detail or persuasion, this is already pretty much the

best offer one can take. If you, too, have abandoned all hopes and dreams, then please, you may be just

what I need for the next generation of music.