My trip to Miami

The highlight of this trip was seeing Sech in concert.

The highlight of this trip was seeing Sech in concert.

Maria Sanchez-Cabezudo

I woke up Friday morning all excited about visiting again Miami after five months, last time I went to Miami I completely fell in love with that city, the people walking, the palm trees, the weather, the hotels, walking by restaurants playing Hispanic songs and people dancing to it in the streets, the beautiful sunsets wich cover the whole city with joy…


The car ride was no more than five hours. Listening to music, with the windows down and the wind gently hitting our faces, my father, my brother and me started this amazing trip, a trip that we will never forget.

The first thing we did was check the hotel. We had an amazing suite at the rooftop of the hotel, having all the views of the spectacular ocean.

We left our things in the room and went out to explore the city, it was 5 in the afternoon when we were heading out.

The streets were again, as last time here, filled with joy. Everyone walking in different directions, in their own worlds. It feels like in Miami there is no judgement; people do not look weird at others just because they are different, people just do not care, or do not have time to worry about others, it is Miami.

We went through the beach, in some way it reminded me of Mallorca, my island. The sand was solid, and the water was pure blue. Big waves were slowly deforming in the shore, very relaxing to watch.

Later we went to the hotel and we got ready for a fancy dinner, we went to a restaurant by the sea, a very beautiful restaurant. The weather was perfect in Miami, warm and a little windy.

That same night we went to a chill out and laughed all night the three of us. We started any type of conversation and somehow turned it into a joke, without exaggerating my whole body was hurting from laughing so much, my head especially.


Mornings in Miami are marvellous, my brother, which is a sleepy boy, slept until 12. Meanwhile me and my father went for breakfast in a very cute restaurant. It all felt so amazing, there was music and people were all jogging through the beach, or walking their dogs or families and couples having breakfast underneath the bright sun.


Right when we came back to the hotel the sun camouflaged underneath the clouds, even tho, we still went to the beach. It was very pretty and very windy. But the sun was still hitting very hard, in only ten minutes i got sun tanned!

My father and my brother played soccer by the sea while I was tanning in the beach chair.

After two hours we all went back to the hotel and ordered pizza, we ate it in the rooftop. My brother and my father went inside to take a nap while I chilled a little bet in the jacuzzi.


At 8 we had to be ready because we were going to Sech´s concert! My favourite artist of all time, I am fan number one since his first song. The night before at the chillout we met a wonderful couple, we all became friends and they came with us to the concert.

The concert was amazing. Seeing Sech was very exciting and incredible. He is an amazing singer and also an amazing person.

Next day we left Miami in the morning and came home. And I got sick.