My coronacation


A remote island is the perfect place for proper social distancing.

Kevin Madley, Staff Writer

Overall, this pandemic has been good to me thus far. I know the virus is very serious and is going to get much worse here before it gets any better, but so far, I am having the time of my life. This time off of school has let me be a kid again.  With most things closed, I have had to find a way to entertain myself. This was a challenge at first, but once I figured it out it’s been pretty epic. The solution to my boredom was simple: the great outdoors. I’ve spent most of my days in nature. I’ve gone on hikes, gone fishing, and even went on a couple survival missions.

These missions consisted of a friend of mine and I paddling to a remote island with very limited supplies. All I brought was a knife, a gallon of water, a hammock, and a small pot. We decided to see how long we could live off of the land for. The answer to that question was 3 days and 2 nights; this was significantly longer than I thought I’d make it. The hardest part of this mission was obviously to find enough food. Our diets consisted of mostly fish we were lucky enough to catch and blue crabs we would spear at night. I definitely didn’t eat anywhere near enough and I was working very hard for every meal. However, it kept me busy and focused on a task which was nice. When we weren’t hunting or fishing, we spent most of our time gathering wood for the fire or tending to the fire. Overall, I’d consider the missions a success.

The rest of my break has been spent outdoors doing whatever I can to pass the time. I have gone bass fishing in local ponds, gone on adventures in the woods, and gone kayaking around the Anclote river. It has definitely been better than going to school, but life feels weird without a specific schedule. Hopefully this all blows over sooner rather than later so we can get back to the real world.