The great quarantine of 2020

Give Guy a run for his money and cook on your quarantine adventure.

Give Guy a run for his money and cook on your quarantine adventure.

Claire Maloney, Web Editor

It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen my friends, let alone left the house, the only exception being Publix of course. I think this very well could be the peak level of boredom ever experienced by yours truly. It’s taken serious skill to not go completely crazy, but alas, I, a very talented girl, have been able to occupy my mind and body. You may be wondering; Claire how are you staying busy? Well it’s a very simple 5 step plan. Allow me to elaborate.

Step 1: Decide something to cook for every meal. It sounds stupid but taking time to cook a meal three times a day does pass time and it really is a lot of fun. Who knows? You just might realize your talent is rivaled only to Guy Fieri. Now is the perfect to experiment in the kitchen and find a way to use the ingredients you have. I Couldn’t find salad at the grocery store, so I made a quinoa salad and it was actually good, the only good thing to come out of quarantine so far.

Step 2: This one takes a lot of patience but find a TV series you want to watch and binge away. For example, I started watching That 70’s Show since it is long and entertaining of course. I also recommend finding a genre of movies you want to watch. I started watching a bunch of Netflix Originals with my friends on Netflix Party

Step 3: Invest time into a hobby and practice it whenever you get bored of staring at screens. Pick up an instrument, buy a coloring book, make a bracelet, workout, whatever floats your boat.

Step 4: Go for a long walk. This is crucial, get some vitamin D. I strongly recommend walking at least a mile a day, that isn’t too much and is a great way to get out of the house and keep your body moving. At least try and walk around your neighborhood if you get the chance.

Step 5: Worst case scenario, sleep. I have gotten so much sleep that I didn’t even know was possible while staying home. If you are really dying of boredom just sleep through quarantine, passes time pretty fast I must say.

Whatever you’re doing during quarantine just make sure you’re mentally and physically healthy. Check in on your friends and family and see how they’re doing and make sure they’re aright as well. Stay home and stay sane, this will be over soon.